Write 4 a Day: 21 May 17


K. A. Laity

Write 4 a DayDon’t you deserve at least one day to write?

Write 4 a Day is a new series of monthly one-day writing retreats in upstate New York. While I shall be hosting the events, let me be clear that there is

  • no workshop
  • no agenda
  • no required activities
  • no assignments
  • no schedule
  • no WiFi

Write. Don’t write. Think. Daydream. Doodle. Outline. Come for the whole day or just for part of it; network, collaborate or write solo; wander the woods, hills, fields and streams of Universal Pathways for inspiration (bring sturdy shoes) or sit in a comfy chair and brainstorm. It’s up to you.

WHO – you!

WHY – because you deserve a day to devote to your writing (or daydreaming or sketching or scheming or knitting or…)

WHAT – $20  (cash/check/PayPal – $15 for HVWG members) and food (a dish to share or your own lunch)

WHEN – Sunday 21…

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One response to “Write 4 a Day: 21 May 17

  1. Kate,

    Informing Not attending this month.

    Packing & Moving self & cats ; 1st priority was packing & moving Steve , who permanently relocated to CO.

    Peace, ~ grace

    Grace M Tuma, MA Energy Medicine Shaman Ashtanga Yoga Teacher http://www.AshtangaWithGrace.com GraceTumaShaman.com (518) 577-8172


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