Imbolc DELAY! 11 Feb 2017

2015-02-02 08.39.42DUE TO SNOW & LACK OF PLOWING (and more snow coming) IMBOLC will be delayed & celebrated with Full Moon on 11 Feb.

Gather at 7pm
Bring a dish to share: $20 donation suggested

Join us to celebrate the season! Imbolc is the time of the quickening, associated with lambs and milk. In some traditions it is called Candlemas. Brigit is associated with the holiday both as goddess and saint who blessed poetry, smithing and healing. Here’s a 9th century Irish hymn in the saint’s honour:

Brigid, noble woman!
A flame, golden, beautiful,
A sun dazzling splendid,
May she bear us to the eternal kingdom.
May Brigid save us,
Despite the throngs of demons
May she overthrow before us
The battle-hosts of every disetie.
May she destroy within us
Our flesh’s taxes (i.e. our sins),
blossoming branch!
Mother of Jesus!
The pure Virgin, dear to us,
Great her dignity,
May we be always safe
With my saint of the Lagenians.
She is a pillar of the Kingdom
With Patrick the preeminent, *
The garment of garments,
The Queen of Queens.
When in our old age
Our bodies are laid in sackcloth,
May Brigid shower her blessings on us,
May Brigid save us.