Thoughts from Mary, October 2014



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Since the equinox the veil between the worlds is gradually getting thinner. This has a great purpose and affords us an opportunity to do work needed for healing ourselves and others.

Are there people you have had problems with? People who are no longer in body that you wish you had shared your truth with, perhaps been more honest with — or perhaps there is a need to apologize for something.

There are many ways to do the work, but the easy and indeed fastest –and ultimately the most effective — is simply to say all you are feeling. You may produce a response or not, but what you will have done is open up a pathway for change for both of you. At the very least it frees up the energy required to keep you feelings and thoughts at bay.

There is a difference between talking about a person who has crossed over and speaking directly to that person. It can be compared to a private phone line [Anyone remember party lines?] The power of communication does not stop here. It’s faster than the internet, costs nothing, cannot be hacked or disturbed.

In the end you are releasing the baggage you no longer have to carry.

Happy Pumpkin and Broom Day!


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  1. Dear, Dear Mary,
    Happy Belated Birthday!!!!
    Love, Kathleen and Burt

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